I started my career as a Junior .NET Developer and now work as  Dynamics 365 CE Technical Lead at Blacklight Software Ltd. I have been designing, and implementing solutions for small to large enterprise scale clients with  Dynamics CRM versions  2011-2016 and now Dynamics 365 CE V9 for over 6 years. 

I completed BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering at APIIT SD India Engineering College ( affiliated with Staffordshire University, UK) and then I started my MSc in Mobile Computer Systems studies at APIIT Malaysia (affiliated with Staffordshire University, UK) and completed my masters studies at Staffordshire University in the UK. I passed  various Microsoft Certifications exams including the ones for  MCSA in Dynamics 365, MCSD App Builder and Web Applications.

I am a Tamil from northern SriLanka (from a village called Changaththarvayal - சங்கத்தார்வயல்) and I now live in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom with my wife, Tharshini and one year old son Anbu. In my free time, apart from learning technologies and participating in Dynamics 365 community forum, Dynamics 365 Saturday events and other developer meetups, I spend my time watching movies or serials on Netflix. I have completed Line of Duty all five seasons, and eagerly waiting for Episode 1 of season 6 to be released ; )

I would like to take this opportunity to say special thank you to James Walker (Senior Consultant at Blacklight Software Ltd) for introducing me to CRM technologies and helping to get started with CRM customization. I also would like to thank Mike McGrady (Managing Director ), Ian Heuston (Technical Director), Chris Haskins (Operations Manager) at Blacklight Software Ltd for giving me opportunities to learn and work with latest Dynamics 365 technologies. And finally I would like to thank to all other colleagues at Blacklight for providing me the opportunity learn by helping to solve CRM issues as a team.

One of the best ways to learn and to keep us up-to-date (well, I have to say Up-to-Minute :)) with Dynamics 365 technologies,  is to be part of the Dynamics 365 Community. In our day-to-day work we are not able to get chances to know about or to solve every single problem or solution in the Dynamics 365 World. Being part of the Dynamics 365 community, gives us the perfect opportunity to learn about variety of issues, solutions and applications of Dynamics 365 from around the world.  It is a truly global community where members are connected via their passion for learning, helping and sharing their knowledge and experience in Dynamics 365.

Kokulan Eswaranathan (கோகுலன் ஈஸ்வரநாதன்)

Technical Lead, Dynamics 365 CE, Blacklight Software Ltd

We're excited to recognize Kokulan for his contribution to the Dynamics 365 Community. Kokulan, who celebrated his fourth anniversary in the community recently, has posted nearly 1,700 comments, and he was #1 in April 2019 for both Suggested and Verified Answers - great work! Please show your appreciation to Kokulan by rating and liking or sharing this post.