search-consultant, find-consultant Dynamics is having a great year, especially in the UK after a stellar performance from the Microsoft team and partners. So not surprisingly, most Dynamics partners and end users will tell you that they need Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV or GP consultants or developers right now. But there simply aren’t that many professionals available to recruit in the market. It is extremely challenging to find these resources. So where can you find the best Dynamics consultants for your company? Here are some suggestions:

  • Your personal and professional network – you have so many connections that could lead you to the right person. Tools like LinkedIn are a great, they are free but it’s time consuming.


  • Recruiters – this is the traditional channel; the recruiters should do the vetting for you, the feedback is mixed (there are some good recruiters out there, others have bad reputation) but they are a very expensive route to take.


  • Use search engines for “search Dynamics consultant”, “Dynamics CRM contractor”, etc. – some of the consultants have their own blogs and websites that give you their contact details.


  • Training companies – most training providers will have lists of consultants that they have trained and might keep in touch with some of them. Check Firebrand, for example.


  • Graduatesthis is suitable if you are prepared to invest in their training but remember that these people will increase in value enormously rapidly so you have to ensure they remain extremely loyal to you. Microsoft is introducing a new platform this week at WPC aimed at graduate recruitment on a global scale.


  • Cross-train from competitive technologies – many SAP and Oracle-skilled consultants are now following the trend towards Dynamics. And more and more Dynamics partners realise that this is better than simply poaching their competitors’ employees. There are many SAP, Oracle and consultants will to cross-train and move to the Dynamics camp. Many of the training providers have specialised courses aimed at these target audiences.


  • Freelancers – some companies still prefer employing full time staff but many realise that the most experienced consultants will only work on a contract basis. The advantages here are that you only hire them when you have a project and you instantly make a margin on their services, there is no bench time. 365 Freelance can give you access to hundreds of available resources.

So, use a mixture of the above but if you need excellent resources at short notice, please look at

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