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At 365 Freelance, we are constantly improving and extending the services we provide to our consultants. Over the past few months, we have added several great new features to our website and it is time for our consultants’ homepage to reflect these changes.

The new homepage’s purpose is to make it easier and simpler for our members to find and get access to all of the benefits we can offer. It now has six buttons instead of two, which gives a better overview of our various services.


New consultants homepage

Projects and Jobs

This button will take you to our project page and allow you to browse the projects and jobs that have been published by our clients. You’ll also be able to apply directly to these projects and jobs.


Jobseekers Advice

This new service provides Microsoft Dynamics jobseekers with tailored advice which will help them find a new project or position.


Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

This button will enable independent Microsoft Dynamics consultants to request access to the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP), an amazing training resource for Microsoft Dynamics consultants.

If you’d like to know more about the DLP access via 365 Freelance:
New feature: get access to the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal via 365 Freelance!


Online Proctored Exams

Microsoft have recently implemented a great new feature: Microsoft Dynamics consultants can now take their certification exams online.

The ‘Online Proctored Exam’ button will provide you with information about this service and with a link to the Microsoft online exams page.

For more information about the Online Proctored Exams:
Online proctored Microsoft certification exams are now available



If you are an independent Dynamics consultant, you’ll be able to request access to PartnerSource – a web platform designed by Microsoft for their Dynamics Partners so they can get the information and the resources they need to manage their end-user communities.

For more information about the PartnerSource access via 365 Freelance:
Why PartnerSource is a great tool for Microsoft Dynamics Professionals (and how you can get access to it)


Lifecycle Services

Independent Dynamics AX consultants can now get access to the Lifecycle services via 365 Freelance. Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services provide a cloud-based collaborative workspace that customers and their partners can use to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 implementations.

To find out more about the Lifecycle Services:
Independent consultants, get access to the Lifecycle services!


Please note that the PartnerSource, Dynamics Learning Portal and Lifecycle Services accesses work together – therefore, you only need to request access to one of them in order to benefit from them all.


We hope you enjoy these new features. As always, we welcome feedback, comments and suggestions from our users so if you’d like to share your experience with us, please get in touch.



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