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New Dynamics 365 Community Blog features have been released!

Bret Fraser Profile Picture Bret Fraser Community Manager
Good news - the new Dynamics 365 Community Blog features have been released!
This includes many new useful blog features for blog consumers, such as:
  1. New refreshed landing page exposes new ways to view, find, and filter blog content
  2. Topics, Blogs, and local blog search menus are now available on each blog
  3. Featured posts now displayed first on the blog
  4. Most-liked posts now display on the right rail
  5. Search now targets content inside the blog and exposes more search filters
  6. New ‘Quick Links’ and leaderboard details now display on the right rail of blog post detail pages
  7. Coming soon: new ‘Follow’ (subscribe) option on blog post detail pages
New 'View all' links expose new search filter options (most recent, most liked; list view, card view; topic, series, author):
There are also many new blog tools available to blog authors, including:
  1. The 'Create blog post' button is easily available across the site and displays all blogs for which an author has edit access
  2. New 'Synopsis' field allows authors to control the brief preview text which appears on a blog landing page
  3. Ability to upload a cover image for a blog post
  4. Ability to schedule a future publishing date of a blog post
  5. A new 'Blogs' tab has been added to the member profile page which displays published or draft posts
  6. Blog comments are now disabled by default, but can easily be enabled if preferred

Have comments or ideas for improvement? Submit your quick feedback here
or, if you need assistance, submit a help request here
Thank you to all of our valuable bloggers and community contributors - we appreciate your time and energy in the community!


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