I received shocking news this morning – I was made aware of you missed yesterday´s post and therefore missed the chance of opening door #2. Well, today is a new day and a new chance for you to become part of this years Advent calendar story to make upcoming holiday season a special one.

Advent Calendar opening door #3

You know, lucky me I could attend a lot of interesting Power Platform community remote events with and without videocameras turned on and had a joy while listening to my #MVPBuzz friends explaining things around the latest and greatest of Power Platform. I also enjoyed them talking about simplifications and improvements made. One that sticks was a conversation around Security and DSGVO and how to deal with this when implementing and adopting the Power Platform.

Today´s gift behind door #3 has been used tons and tons of times – not only by myself. Therefore, let´s open our door and see what´s behind. Again, enjoy and until then, …