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Articles of the Week

CRM 2015 – Understanding impersonation in plugins and knowing when to use it

Ben’s great article about impersonation.

What is the impersonation? Let me provide you a short definition:

“Impersonation is used to execute business logic (custom code) on behalf of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system user to provide a desired feature or service for that user. Any business logic executed within a plug-in, including Web service method calls and data access, is governed by the security privileges of the impersonated user.”

Scott Durow’s Refreshed Connections UI Solution

This post shows how to use SparkleXRM solution to add a bit of sparkle to the otherwise slightly neglected connections feature in Dynamics CRM.

Fetch XML

Fetch XML

FetchXML Retrieving Nulls in a Linked Entity for use in Dynamics CRM Reports

Retrieving Dates in FetchXML Aggregation for use in Dynamics CRM Reports

And the REST…

How to Mass Update Business Process Stages

Dynamics CRM allows you to easily update fields on records using their bulk edit functionality.  Records that you can query and return back in a list/grid can all be edited using this functionality…

Dynamics CRM Developer Extensions – v1.1.0.0

New functionality added to the templates…

Filter N:N Subgrid in CRM 2013 using Javascript

Do you need a filter?

Question Mark

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