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Our partner can't migrate us to PO because their tool between Dynamics PSA en BC can't migrate.

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As of July 2023 we have been granted the temporary free Microsoft Dynamics PSA licenses, because we could no longer renew those licenses and have switched to the Project Operations licenses. We’re aware that these are normally made available for a maximum of 1 year and that we’re obligated to migrate from PSA to PO.
However, we also use Microsoft Business Central and, through our partner we use there module via the Microsoft App Store, which ensures that our Dynamics 365 PSA environment is linked to Microsoft Business Central.
Thy developed a tool for the connection between the new Dynamics PO environment and the Business Central environment.
But we’re currently unable to migrate our current environment from PSA to PO because of this solution, since their tool can’t be migrated yet.  Our partner had informed us that In order to upgrade to PO, we need to do a completely new implementation of a Vanilla Dynamics 365 PO environment and a Business Central environment, activate the new connection and activate all our own customizations.
Thus, we can’t migrate in the proposed manner you describe on the Microsoft site. This partner is still in process of developing this tool so that they can offer a migration. As of today it’s still unknown when and if they’ll succeed in developing a migration tool.

Our question is /are we obliged to migrate to PO/? Or is there an option were we can keep the current PSA environment up and running after July 2024.
Additionally, what will happen if Microsoft no longer supports the PSA module on October 2024, will it be removed or will the software continue to exist but is it no longer supported / updated?