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Challenges with Microsoft Naming Conventions: Contact Point Consent and Beyond

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Hello Community,

I'm reaching out to discuss an issue I've encountered while working with Power Automate Flow, particularly when dealing with Dynamics 365 Marketing entities (oh, Customer Insights - Journey now). The core of my concern lies in the perplexing naming conventions Microsoft has employed for these entities. For instance, we have multiple 'Contact Point Consent' entities: msdynmkt_contactpointconsent, msdynmkt_contactpointconsent2, msdynmkt_contactpointconsent3, and msdynmkt_contactpointconsent4 (can't wait to also see 5 and 6). Moreover, the situation is further complicated in the context of marketing emails and customer journeys. For instance, there are entities named 'Marketing Email' and 'Customer Journey' in outbound marketing, and similarly named entities like 'Journey' and 'Email' (which also shares its display name with ordinary emails) in real-time marketing. This overlap and lack of distinct naming conventions can lead to confusion and inefficiencies. This makes picking the right entity akin to a guessing game.  It seems like Dynamics Marketing is not just about marketing, but also about cryptic puzzles.


In this light, I am seeking insights and strategies from others who have navigated these waters. How do you manage to select the correct entity amidst this confusing naming scheme? Any shared experiences or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to a productive discussion and hoping to find some collective solutions to these challenges. Additionally, I hope this topic piques the interest of someone from Microsoft, as their input would be invaluable in understanding and perhaps improving these aspects in future updates.