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What is ValidTo Data field and how to handle it ?

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Hi all,
I'm duplicating Data entity VendVendorsV2, but not changing its structure data source. Currently I'm hit strange error, something like this:
Path: [AxDataEntityView/MyVendorV2Entity/Fields/ValidTo/DataField]:'LogisticsPostalAddressBaseEntity' field not specified.
If I search in the structure and found this table LogisticsPostalAddressBaseEntity are in the sub node of its data source:
With its property is :
But not too sure what to do about it. 
Can anyone give me some idea ?
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    Teevo on at
    What is ValidTo Data field and how to handle it ?
    Been reading the whitepaper and documentation, unfortunately I cannot understand what it means. 
    Can I ask for some guidance ? Looking back at the original thread, because I didn't create new entity from scratch but duplicate it, what actually I'm missing and where to check ? In relate to the documentation, I can't find any field with named ValidFrom and ValidTo as per given example.
  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb Super User on at
    What is ValidTo Data field and how to handle it ?
    Before designing a date-effective data entity, you need to understand date-effective tablesThis whitepaper should help. Then you can see the documentation page about date-effictive entities.
  • What is ValidTo Data field and how to handle it ?
    the LogisticsPostalAddress table holds the current address as well as all historical records.
    This means, every address change creates automatically a new line with the changed address and the ValidTo date is set /never/
    For the old address line the ValidTo is set to datetime of the change.
    So only one address at a time can be the valid one.
    Hope this helps.

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