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Create a Power Automate Flow For Dynamics 365 Field Service and Finance & Operations Integration

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We currently have a basic integration between Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation.

The data currently only flows one way between the two apps. Currently the only integration there is that a Purchase order is created in Finance & Operations once the Purchase order is submitted in Field Service.

I am trying to get a way to receipt a purchase order line in Finance & Operations when this purchase order line is receipted in Field Service. Currently we have to receipt purchase order lines in both systems.

I was hoping there is a way that I can create a Power Automate Flow to check if the purchase order line/product changes in Field Service to received. If it changed to /received/ it must trigger a flow to automatically receipt the purchase order line in Finance & Operations. It must take the receipt date entered in Field Service to update the date received in Finance and Operations seeing that we sometimes back dates receipts to go into the previous financial month.