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Clarification of 'Time off' and 'Non-working' rules in Bookable Resource's work hours

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First forum contribution from my side here - so please excuse if I am missing some basics.

When managing a bookable resource's working hours using their calendar, different 'rules' (events/series) can be created:

'Working hours' is clear - it's what defines the resource's capacity.

  1. But what are 'Time off' and 'Non-working' rules/events/series?
    1. And how do they differ?
    2. I tried to find some answers in the documentation but couldn't find more than a side note here Define resource calendars. It only states 'non-working time can also be specified for the rule.'
  2. More specifically, it is of interest to understand if 'Non-working' and 'Time off' rules have different effects on the resource's availability, and
  3. what is best practice or general logic behind the two.
  4. For example,
    1. it seems natural to use 'time off' for vacation.
    2. But what about 'non-working', would that be better suited for illness/maturity leaves?
    3. What would the difference be to simply reducing work hours, as one would do for part-time employees?

Thanks in advance,