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Asset Management: Suppress overlapping maintenance jobs

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I have an issue with setup in asset management, specifically maintenance plans.

// When i update counter with 100h and run the plan, maintenance request is created.
But if i update the counter with another 100h and re run the plan, another request is getting created and now i have two requests but there should only be one ( the newest one created for 200h ),
according to the setup it should suppress the previous one. ( testing was done with Tolerance days Set up but i did not received desired outcome ).

Also i have tried this scenario: Registered counter for 400 hours, rerun the plan and 3 maintenance schedule lines were created instead of one. According to the MS Documentation, there should be one line created.
I have also tested it with setup of Tolerance days /Before/ and /After/ but i have received same outcome.

Thanks in advance to everyone insights provided.
  • Asset Management: Suppress overlapping maintenance jobs
    Hello Kevin Xia,

    Thank you for your answer,

    This issue is based on "counter line".

    For example, we need to change the oil filter to 100km / 200 km / 300 km.

    Now we import one counter for 100 km and the M.P will create 1 work order or schedule line, but we decided not to change the oil filter on 100 km.
    Now we import one more counter for 100 km ( now they are 200km) and the M.P will create one more work or schedule line, but if we put tolerance days or suppers overlap ... nothing happens.... in other words we don't need two work orders ... all we need is 1 work order.

    We made the correct setup:
    1st line: 300km
    2nd line: 200 km 
    3rd line: 100 om

    Thank you,
    All the best,

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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Asset Management: Suppress overlapping maintenance jobs
    You can check out this official document: Maintenance plans - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnA maintenance plan defines when a pre-planned preventive maintenance job is to be carried out on an asset.
    Best regards,

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