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Getting Started developer basics

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I have been diving into Dynamics development and am focusing on Dynamics CRM specifically field service. I have built custom model-driven apps before and usually set up an environment pipeline for Dev UAT and Production. Although I know finance and operation people use LCS.dynamics, I am not familiar with it. If I am working on field service do I set up a pipeline or do I use LCS? Since it deploys as a managed solution how do I set up a dev environment with an unmanaged version? Also, do I need to learn X++ or will most of the modifications be done within Dataverse and powerplatform?
One more question, when deploying customer engagement applications like sales hub, field service, and customer insights is it typical for each of them to have their own environment or do you have a different environment for each application? It seems like sharing the same environment would make life much easier since Dataverse will be shared but when you set up a trial it deploys them each in their own environment so I want to make sure I am doing this correctly.