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Multiple prepayment invoices to Customers in advance of receiving merchandise

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We are in the process of implementing Business central as our main ERP software and have run into a problem with issuing multiple prepayment invoices to our customers in the United States. Our sister company in the Philippines is able to issue multiple number of prepayment invoices to customers, whereas, our implementation consultant, Wipfli, has told us the US version of BC does not allow for multiple prepayment invoices to be processed in the US. One is the maximum. 

Also, we also require prepayment 100% up front prior to shipment to customers of the product they ordered. Our consultant is telling us BC is unable to record a 100% prepayment unless goods are shipped with the final invoice. We cannot ship the product until we receive payment in advance of shipment.

Appreciate any advice or experiences anyone has had with either of these two issues.