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Schedule Board - Unable to Update a Resource's Booking to 0m

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Hi all,
We are running into issues with the Schedule Board in Proj Ops. It used to function that if a resource was booked to a project, but calls in sick/takes PTO, we would be able to adjust the booking/schedule by setting their hours for the week/day to 0. The schedule board would delete the booking and adjust the hours.
Recently this functionality has been removed. When we try to adjust the schedule to 0 for a resource, the /Book/ button is greyed out/disabled. We have tried different variations of entering time and found that the minimum amount of time that the board allows for is 4 minutes. Anything less than that will result in an error stating /Cannot distribute 1 minutes over 1 days. Please increase duration to at least 1 or decrease number of days to less than 1./ We're not sure how to account for PTO/sick days if a resource is booked to a project for an extended period of time. 
Has anyone run into this issue and know a work around the 'Book' button being greyed out?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I opened a ticket but thought I would toss it out in here as well!