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Restrict sales order work creation to only full pallet

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Hi experts,
I have what I assumed was an easy task, but is beginning to look impossible. 
I want my sales order work creation to only create for a full PLT and ignore any less than full pallet quantities in the same location with the same inventory status. How can I accomplish this? 
We produce in cases, then palletize, so my finished products do have a unit sequence group of Plt-Cases. On my location directive for the sales order pick, I do have restrict by unit checked, but due to unit seq group it is not restricting to full pallets. I have tried adding queries on the work template to using the temp work transactions table to limit by directive unit = PLT with no luck. I have tried others as well and anytime I put a query on the work template I get no work to generate. As mentioned I would think this is a common practice in manufacturing but am not finding any solutions. 
We load to a truck directly off the line while we are running, so we do have a custom job to allow SO's to reserve partially and a batch job to release the load to the warehouse runs every one minute picking up recently produced pallets. However, in the warehouse we may have partials for one reason or the other. So when the batch job to release to the warehouse runs it creates work for the partial pallet in the warehouse. I want it to ignore the partials because it doesnt = 1 PLT. I dont want to have to change the quality status on each partial which is my potential work around. I just want the work template/location directive to only generate work for full pallets. Please help. 
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    Brians8 on at
    Restrict sales order work creation to only full pallet
    Thanks however the restrict by unit is checked and PLT is assigned there. From my understand because we use the unit sequence group of cs to PLT, even though I have restrict by unit checked and PLT selected the system still generates work for partial pallets. I've tried putting queries on the work templates to restrict to only generate work by full pallets to no avail either. 
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    DynCons on at
    Restrict sales order work creation to only full pallet
    On your location directive line, you must also click the "Restrict by unit" button and assign the unit there. It is not enough to only mark the checkbox on the line and have the unit assigned on the line.
    And in your from quantity you should have 1. 

    If it still does not work, what is your decimal precision on the unit "pallet"? 
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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Restrict sales order work creation to only full pallet
    You can try applying queries on job templates and location directives to limit the generation of only pallet-full jobs. If standard features don't meet your needs, you can try custom development to meet your needs, if you don't have a developer, you can seek the help of Microsoft partners, they will provide customized services for you: Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource.
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