It’s a valid question. Why are you still using the GP Stock Status Report? or even the Historical Stock Status Report?

The Stock Status Reports aren’t designed to tie to General Ledger. The Historical Inventory Trial Balance (HITB) is designed to tie to GL.

From Microsoft’s own: How to determine, maintain, and report accurate costing in Inventory, pg 9

In conclusion, we recommend that customers do not use the Inventory Historical Stock Status report to adjust or balance to the general ledger. The report was not designed for that purpose. While FIFO/LIFO perpetual inventories may be very close in balancing, there are issues still pending that would keep this report from balancing to the general ledger.

HITB has been out since GP 10 SP2, way back in 2008, yes 2008. HITB becomes a teenager this year. Despite this, I still see a lot of people still using the Stock Status Report. It’s long past time to move off Stock Status and on to HITB.

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