Question of the day: What happens if you put half a dozen Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVPs together for 3 events in the USA in 4 weeks.

Well, for one, one of them will go home twice in that timeframe. Me.

But that is not what this blog post is about. It is about the extensions that Microsoft made available in NAV2016. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely enthousiastic about the concept, but it needs masive finetuning.

Erik Hougaard was attending my session at NAVUG summit where I tried to make people enthousiastic about the concept and he was, and tried it out at home. Smart guy as he is, he found out the loopholes and limitations of version one and we startet to talk about it at the next event, Directions USA.

We shared ideas about how great it would be if this and that, you know how it works if you have a beer or single malt and look at the world through pink glasses.

We had meetings with Thomas Hejlsberg and other Microsoft Team members and talked with other smart MVPs like Kamil, and Gunnar.

This week at MVP Summit, the third event Erik approached me and said he will create an alternative approach to the events and write his own version. Next day he had a prototype in C#. Crazy dude. ;-).

He continued to work on it while we were in building 33 of Microsoft campus in Redmond, room Hood while listening to Scott Hanselman showing me his progress but I did  not understand any of his C# code. ;-). I did understand the concept.

The idea is, based on what I blogged, to have the extension available in the Development Environment, while maintaining all the goodies such as easy merge and upgrade, and deinstall.

That evening when we were in “downtown” Redmond (We found out that there is no downtown Redmond) he and Waldo started comparing PowerShell scripts since Waldo had similar ideas and prepared similar stuff on raw PowerShell that Eric did with embedded PowerShell in C#.

Did I made you curious? Do you work at Microsoft?

Read the blog! And Download the code from GitHub.