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Relationship object in Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo

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I am trying to open at form and pre-populate a lookup field using Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo

This piece of code is being used to create the relationship, however it is not displaying anything.

        pageInput.relationship = {
            attributeName: "crd80_caseloadreview",
            navigationPropertyName: thisRecordName,
            name: "crd80_task_CaseLoadReview_crd80_caseloadreview",
            relationshipType: 0,
            roleType: 1

  • attributeName: has been set to the logical field name on the form
  • navigationPropertyName: is the name of the record I wish to link to
  • relationshipType: is set to one to many
  • I dont really understand what "name" I should be using (have used the relationship name from the entity)
  • I dont really understand what "roleType" to use. is not very informative.