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Getting started with Volunteer Engagement and Volunteer Management

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I am a part time volunteer for a small non-profit health clinic.  I am an IT professional, so thought I would help them to modernize some of their software and processes.  The marketing materials for the volunteer management system look to be exactly what we need, but implementation has been a nightmare so far.  Due to previous issues (a Microsoft bug) with the deployment, I am not completely convinced that my current deployments are complete and correct, but I have no way of knowing. Full disclosure: I am brand new to the whole M365 environment, administration, dynamics, portals, the whole works.

I created a specific environment where I deployed the Volunteer Management (VM) and  Volunteer Engagement  (VE) apps.  I can see the VM Daily Dashboard (which is empty because i haven't created anything yet).  Portal management shows two websites.  The first has the primary domain which I specified during install.  There are a handful of Contoso sample/default pages in that site, nothing specific to volunteering.  The second has a made up primary domain name with "dev1" in the URL.  It has some extra volunteer-specific pages, but the URL doesn't work, results in an error when I try to go there.

We have a web developer who is working to publish the web site (on Wordpress).  I am planning to have him publish a link for people to use to get into the volunteer system and review opportunities, register, etc.  But so far I can't figure out what that link would be.  I want to use (test) the system as though I were a registering volunteer, but I can't figure out where to do that.

Also, does anyone have links to any good, thorough documentation for VE/VM?  In my professional career over the past 2 years I have transitioned to being a Power BI developer, and the amount of Microsoft and third-party documentation is immense.  I can barely find anything for the VE/VM.