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Who can help our NPO build out a custom solution?

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Our non-profit organization has very unique needs that can only be fully addressed by a custom solution. We are a non-profit school for adults with disabilities, so we fall under the umbrellas of Non-Profit, Education, and Healthcare. Our management team has been searching for a viable platform that can address our needs, but I'm 100% sure those needs can be addressed via Dynamics 365 if we can find the right partner to help us for a reasonable cost and fast turnaround time. Our management team thinks it will take a year to get a custom solution, so they are looking into spending thousands of dollars to implement a 3rd-party solution in the next month. 

Can someone please help me identify the correct type of partner, and maybe suggest a reasonable cost and timeframe to customize our Dynamics 365 based on the template I've already put together?