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Production Floor Execution Kiosks

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We currently have about 50 terminals on our production floor that are running a Windows client OS which on startup automatically establishes an RDP session to a terminal server. This session automatically opens MS Edge in full screen and displays the PFE layout. I'm on a mission to simplify things, and have been trying to figure out a way to use a thin OS solution like porteus-kiosk ( to display the PFE layout. This system runs a stripped-down and hardened linux OS and only displays a browser window (either Chrome or Firefox). I am able to get everything working, but since these are not domain-joined devices the first step is to sign in with AzureAD credentials. Our Windows kiosks handle this automatically using SSO, so I am wondering if there is any alternative D365 configuration that I could look into to make this work for us. I had considered possibly using a certificate for authentication, but I don't know that the browsers in a linux client will automatically use that to sign in silently and display the PFE layout.