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ER Sales confirmation report(Electronic report)

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Hello all,
I am trying to add a new line in SO confirmation report - ER(Electronic). The requirement is to add markup value and markup code as a new line.
So I am writing code in this following method after next call, and when I debug, it inserts the line. But it doesn't show in the ER. It shows only custConfirmTrans lines.
This output should have one more line with just description and value/amount.
Now I am not sure why the new inserted line is not visible. Can there be any filters like SSRS or something else that I'm missing here?
Please suggest some solution.
Bhagyashree Dave
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    Alireza Eshaghzadeh Profile Picture
    Alireza Eshaghzadeh 10,831 Super User on at
    ER Sales confirmation report(Electronic report)
    Hi Bhagyashree,
    In order to add customization on ER, for example Sales order confirmation (Excel), you can apply modification from ER designer side and you do not need to fulfil it via VS. 
    Please check following post from Microsoft learn for more info 
  • Bhagyashree Dave Profile Picture
    Bhagyashree Dave 112 on at
    ER Sales confirmation report(Electronic report)
    If it was SSRS then it's fine that we can find out the filters, but this is an electronic report. So I am new to this and don't know if we can find any filters or not in ER.
    Bhagyashree Dave
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    Waed Ayyad Profile Picture
    Waed Ayyad 3,431 on at
    ER Sales confirmation report
    Maybe in the SSRS report you have a condition that hide the records that don't have an item number, can you check it?
    Waed Ayyad
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