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Business Events not triggering a Power Automate

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Hi Guys,

 Hope someone can help here. I have read through the Business Events (BE) and Power Automate (PA) triggering issues in the forum and several blogs etc. and have tried all that was mentioned.

I feel sure that I am missing something fundamental  here

So I have two environments 

 One everything seems to work fine re BE triggering a PA

  The other doesn't work for some BEs (Workflow workitem) but it does work for Alerts


I have created an alert on a customer record where I change a classification field - it  triggers the Alert Batch job - which call the Business Event  which triggers the Power Automate and sends me an email 

 This all works fine 

 However when I do the same for a Business Event that uses 'Workflow workitem'  category- say Purchase Requisition - the BE does not trigger the PA - it is referenced correctly the flow endpoints are there the events are  active. I have written the simples PA just receiving the BE and sending email - The link between the BE and PA for 'Workflow workitem' is just not being made. 

 Am I missing anything obvious here that anyone can think of, any help appreciated?