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License requirement for the Media and Entertainment Accelerator

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The Media and Entertainment Accelerator (MEA) is supposed to be supported on Dynamics 365 sales and Power Apps.

I would like to use the accelerator to create faster entities ( event, sessions, guest,...) to manage events.

But I am sure of the required licenses...

-> Can we use it with Dynamics 365 for sales professional?  This version of Dynamics is limited to 15 custom entities. Or do we need Dynamics 365 for sales Enterprise because of the entities restriction?

-> Can we use it on Power Apps ( per app license)? Correct me if I am wrong but I think we cannot use Marketing lists and quick campaign without having a Dynamics license?

-> Do we need Dynamics for Marketing to use the accelerator or is the MEA a "solution" to give more features than the default sales app but less than choosing for Dynamics 365 for Marketing ?

Thanks for you help on clarify this.