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Power Platform Environment Creation for Dynamics CRM Online

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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for some insight on which environment type is best for my Dynamics CRM Development and UAT environment to be built in. While I have read there are not many differences in Development vs Sandbox Environment types. which is preferred for CRM to be built in?
I am assuming production will be built in an production environment, but again which is the best type of environment for our Dev and Testing CRM online apps to be built in? Sandbox or Development?? 
TYIA and have a great day.
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    Power Platform Environment Creation for Dynamics CRM Online

    When it comes to setting up your Dynamics CRM Development and UAT environments, it's important to choose the right environment type to suit your needs. While both Development and Sandbox environments have their merits, let's delve into which might be the best fit for you.

    In the world of streaming, where content is king, consider a scenario similar to choosing the right platform for streaming your favorite shows. Just like you want the perfect platform to enjoy your entertainment, you want the ideal environment to develop and test your CRM apps. That's where Pikashow comes into play!

  • Power Platform Environment Creation for Dynamics CRM Online
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    Power Platform Environment Creation for Dynamics CRM Online
    Hi David Lewis,
    All of your non-production environments should be setup as sandbox environments and your production environment should be setup as a production environment.
    Type Description Security
    Production This is intended to be used for permanent work in an organization. It can be created and owned by an administrator or anyone with a Power Apps license, provided there is 1 GB available database capacity. These environments are also created for each existing Dataverse database when it is upgraded to version 9.0 or later. Production environments are what you should use for any environments on which you depend. Full control.
    Sandbox These are non-production environments, which offer features like copy and reset. Sandbox environments are used for development and testing, separate from production. Provisioning sandbox environments can be restricted to admins (because production environment creation can be blocked), but converting from a production to a sandbox environment can't be blocked. Full control. If used for testing, only user access is needed. Developers require environment maker access to create resources.
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    Power Platform Environment Creation for Dynamics CRM Online
    The main question will be:  will there be other users testing?  Development environments are for creating solutions, but in order to provision one, the user (developer) must have a developer license, and is intended for their use only (no other users should access, as behavior might change).  However, Sandbox environments is most widely used for acceptance testing (UAT/TEST/PrePROD).   If your "Dev" environment will include integration or other developers interaction, then it should also be a Sandbox.

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