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Dynamic healthcare

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my company want to pay Microsoft Dynamic HealthCare Accelerator , So can you help how can I find Price details for each user ?

I know it's free but I want price details of  Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement ? 

I was open but  I cant found price details

Please Answer me 

Thank you very much

  • Ratnesh Kumar Profile Picture
    Ratnesh Kumar 99 on at
    Dynamic healthcare

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 healthcare accelerator is deprecated effective November 13, 2020. It will no longer be available for download after June 30, 2021. This article describes how to migrate from Dynamics 365 healthcare accelerator to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

    Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides a unified approach across the Microsoft cloud and enables healthcare organizations to deliver better experiences, better insights, and better care.

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    yogeshxor Profile Picture
    yogeshxor 45 on at
    RE: Dynamic healthcare


    accelerators are guidance that you can use to build your own solution. For a price calculation, you need to do following assemsent

    1. How many user will be accessing

    2. what is data storage needs

    3. How many internal vs external users would be their

    4. What all interfaces you need ( mobile or browser or both)

    5. any integration needs, API integration with marketting module or sales or etc..

    5. What analytics needs you have


  • RE: Dynamic healthcare

    Hi Reemah,

    Thanks for reaching accelerator team.

    For pricing information about the required licenses, please visit the Dynamics 365 Pricing page.

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