These are some commonly asked questions about using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, an app that enables you to connect and collaborate using hands-free video calling, mixed reality annotation, and image sharing.  

How do I get Dynamics 365 Remote Assist? 

If you’re an IT admin, use these instructions. 

Everyone else should follow the instructions in this support guide

What do I need to run Dynamics 365 Remote Assist? 

Check out the Getting Started with Microsoft Remote Assist article.  

I’m not getting incoming call notifications. 

This may happen if you are signed into a different account on Remote Assist than you are on your HoloLens. Make sure you are signed into both the app and the device with the same Microsoft account. 

I have a message saying I have no internet connection. 

A Wi-Fi connection is required to use Remote Assist. Double check that your HoloLens is connected to a network. 

See more frequently asked questions in this support article.

What do I need to use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist with Field Service? 

Check out the Field Service integration article