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Return to the non-invoiced sales order in Dynamics 365

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During the return order creation - under the 'Find sales order' option - iI can see only the sales order that are invoiced.

The business need is to create return that reffers not to the invoice buy the packing slip;

Is it possible to change the view in the 'Fins sales order' form to see the non-invoiced sales orders?

Is there any other way to create a return order that reffers to the non-invoiced sales order?

MS docs are not consistent in this matter - once said it refers only to the invoiced SO, once that is a set up issue.

  • Return to the non-invoiced sales order in Dynamics 365
    Thank you Andreas. The thing is that customer want to invoice SO with periodic invoice events - ince a week/month, but during the period of time - reuturns still can be done (and refer to non-invoice sales orders). I found a way to match the open sales order with the return by the Lot ID/Return lot Id. but need to check if I can merge it in one process. 
  • Return to the non-invoiced sales order in Dynamics 365
    I think you can not refer to a packing slip to create Return order in Standard - and I would recommend to customize the query "Find sales order".
    What are you doing when you find a Sales order with a packing slip, but not invoiced? You can create a Return Order, but the packing skip is still open to be invoiced.
    On the other hand you could also only "correct" the SO packing slip.
    I would suggest to invoice to customer and run through the standard RMA procedure, create credite note and send both to the customer.
    Hope this helps.
    Herzliche Grüße / kind regards,
    Andreas Raithel
    D365FO Solution Architect

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