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Good afternoon all, 
We are in the process off making the move business centrals for our ERP/CRM system, we do metal finishing on parts which includes painting and powder coating. we plan on using the inventory for keeping the customers parts however not 100% on the best way to set this up as we dont keep the items just book them in when they are here to do the work orders invoices etc. in terms of journals for the inventory how do i make this so that the inventory goes back to zero when the parts are released for shipment as with our testing this has just reduced the stock number below 0!
  • Sam @ Mikris Profile Picture
    Sam @ Mikris 47 on at
    Customer Item's
    Brilliant, thank you Valentin. That is exactly what I was looking for, as this way we can still track the sales of items against customers! Thank you to everyone that replied as this has helped! I assume that inventory item to zero can be added to the item template! 
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    VC-29041637-0 Profile Picture
    VC-29041637-0 115 Moderator on at
    Customer Item's
    If you use item type non-inventory then the system doesn't keep track of the item quantity. You can use these items but you won't know the quantity. I'm assuming thats something you will want to keep track of i.e. keep track of a customer's item coming in and then going out. If so, then its better if you keep the item type as inventory and not non-inventory, and on the item card instead check the field Inventory Value Zero to true. Inventory Value Zero means that the system will not assign an inventory value to these items, they will always be zero
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    CU05050618-0 12 on at
    Customer Item's

    It sounds like you're navigating the transition to Business Central for your ERP/CRM system, and I understand the importance of managing your inventory effectively, especially in the context of metal finishing processes like painting and powder coating.

    To address the challenge you're facing with reducing stock numbers below zero, you might consider implementing a comprehensive tracking system within your ERP/CRM. This system should not only manage the items' presence but also provide a seamless way to update inventory levels based on work orders and shipments.

    In your case, where items are booked in when they arrive for work orders and released for shipment, you may want to explore customizing your inventory journal entries. Ensure that the entries accurately reflect the inflow when parts are received and the outflow when they are shipped.

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  • Sam @ Mikris Profile Picture
    Sam @ Mikris 47 on at
    Customer Item's
    Thank you all for the replies, will go with the suggested of using the non inventory items for the customers parts. 
    With this in mind what does this mean in terms of reporting, ie sales done by customers etc would this still be reported in the same way. 
    And would there be a way of automating the negative adjustments to the stock first before adding the order or do I have the wrong end of the stick? 
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    Karan Mehta Profile Picture
    Karan Mehta 8 on at
    Customer Item's
    Hello Sam, 
    Based on the scenario which has been presented - 
     i would also agree with other counterparts i.e., use it as a Non-Inventory Item. 
    Second point - 
    Once you have created an Item with an Inventory type and recorded transactions within it, You won't be able to change the same. 
    I would suggest you do a negative adjustment for those inventory received in the system first.
    Create a New Item (Select - Non Inventory), then add the Inventory Count with in. 
    Hope this will help you out.
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    KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 3,222 Super User on at
    Customer Item's
    If you are using items with Type of Inventory then You should add them to inventory when receiving and decrease the inventory with shipments.
    Non-Inventory type would only show up the decreases from shipments in Ledger Entries but quantity in inventory would always show 0. To change existing item type - you would need to decrease the inventory for this item to 0 (this can be done via Phys. Inventory journal or just Item Journal), and then create configuration package for table 27 and only 2 fields - Item No and Inventory type - and for the Inventory type field uncheck the Validation checkmark. It will skip the validations and you can change the type.
    I would suggest to do this firstly in test/sandbox system - and afterwards post some shipments to see that all works, and no other customizations change the behavior or give errors.
  • Sam @ Mikris Profile Picture
    Sam @ Mikris 47 on at
    Customer Item's
    I would love to say it does however it wont let me know due to the fact that i have already placed an item through the inventory and wont let me change it to non inventory item when using a template? 
  • Suggested answer
    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,013 Super User on at
    Customer Item's
    Hi, how about using Non-Inventory Item?
    Or you create a location for the customer and manage customer inventory in that location. 
    If these inventories are completely independent of your system, try the Statistical Accounts Module.
    Hope this helps.

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